Sunday, December 19, 2010

Here's the scoops from this weekend.

Aloha Gang...
Well first of all the HSA surf contest was cancelled due to lack of waves and the weather. I have mix feeling about the contest being cancelled.  Devin doesn't get to compete and surf. But I get to do things around the new house. The house part can go either way. Hahaha... Good news, we are almost at a point where we can call our new place "Home". And I cant wait for that to happen.

In between taking the kids surfing(very rare) and house work, we made our way to "Blue Hawaii Surf" Pearl Ridge to meet our friend Joel and the rest of Hurley Surf team. It was great event...Hurley and Blue Hawaii provided free stickers, posters, and hats. what a great way to start my Christmas shopping. Just kidding. If you do get a Hurley hat from me, I bought it. hahaha.

Also the Blancos are trying to fly home today. but we need to see if they get out. Hopefully they do!!! Once they finally get here, the surf sessions for two weeks is on.

Well gang that about it for now. Will keep you posted.

Devin and the Hurley Cru

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