Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Surf Contest Dates

Maili Point 14,15 March 2009
Sunset 21,22 March 2009
Makaha 28,29 March 2009
Flys 4,5 April 2009

Volcom Puffer Fish Surf Series

Maili Point 28 March 2009

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

HASA surf meet update...

HASA surf Contest was held at Haleiwa on the 14,15 of Feb 2009.

Another video for your enjoyment.

Unfortunately the conditions were not the best due to high winds, rain, bumpy surf conditions. But the surf team made the best of 2 to3 foot waves in sloppy conditions.

On the first day (Sat.) of competition EJ, Jordan, and Devin surfed in their respective divisions. They all surfed really hard. Unfortunately EJ was the only one that advanced to the finals on that day. EJ placed 4th in the open men's.

As for second and final day of competition, the conditions remained the same for the most part with the exception of some solid 4 foot waves rolling through. Jordan, Nicole, and Devin were the ones that were scheduled to surf on this day. And they had a solid showing out there in the water to say the least. Each one of them advancing through their heats. But unfortunately Nicole's day came to a end in the menehune 2a repo round. Just missing the final spot for the finals. Jordan surfed to a third place in the menehune longboard finals. As for Devin, he placed second in the menehune 2a division.

All I can say it was a another great weekend for the Blue Hawaii Surf Team. Each one of them performed great out there. Keep the stoke alive.

Talking about winds, take note Michelle, Kai, and Kala had to put on their jackets to keep warm.

Jordan looking at something or someone...

Nicole the monkey swinging on a coconut tree.

Competition is not just for the water. The winner is...

EJ hanging with some of his fans..
A special thanks goes out to Rod the cook. Kai and Kala for setting up. Eric for everything you did. Everybody else for their continued support.
Till next time,