Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ehukai Beach Park outing

First of all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all...

The day after Christmas (26 Dec. 2008) we decided to hit the beach with family and friends. Of course we had the Blue Hawaii Surf Team representing out in the water that day. E.J. and Jordan were doing their thing out there. Then we had Kai (Rod's son) charging the bombs. The conditions: 2 to 3 foot with occasional 4 footer rolling through. It sounds great but it was raining, cold, and the winds were high. So to say the least the conditions were not optimal, but the kids made the most it out there.

Other than watching the Blue Cru surf, my other highlight of that day was getting my tuna fish sandwich from Ted's Bakery and topping it off with a chocolate hapia pie. That bugga taste ono.

This is E.J. punching the lip and throwing some buckets for the crowd on the beach.

Here is Jordan providing a coke float and one cut back for the camera..

Now introducing Kai who is getting ready to grab some wall..

Till the next session with the Blue Cru....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blue Hawaii Surf Team

Howzit everyone and welcome to this Blog that is dedicated to Blue Hawaii Surf Team. At this blog we will update you with the current events, happenings and surf meets that the team members were or are involved with. And not to mention some killer photos too. This is definitely an exciting time for all that is involved with the revival of the Blue Hawaii's Surf Team. But most of all we are looking forward to seeing the progression of each member on the team in the surf and in life.

The Surf Team members are:

E.J., Jordan, Devin, and Nicole.

I want to say thanks to the folks that made this happen, Micheal, Rod, John, Tory, and the rest of the Blue Hawaii Gang.

A special thanks goes out to the other sponsors. EJ: RVCA and Vans. Jordan, Nicole, and Devin: Freestyle and Reef.