Monday, February 28, 2011

Freestyle Watches

Devin just received another set of great freestyle watches the other day. I tell you what when a box comes in with his name on it he's all smiles. After opening the box he was stoke to find a gromtide and shark watch that he likes to wear while surfing or just cruzing around.
If you haven't got your new 2011 freestyle watch, what are you waiting for. This years line of watches is sick as always. As you can see in the 2011 catalog in the picture. Go to my links and check out the freestyle site to find your watch.
I hope you find your watch. Till next time.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hump Day Surfing

Here we are on the north shore of Oahu for a late surf session at Ehukai. Of course the kids are out while I have the camera duties once again. I can't complain to much because I enjoy watching them surf. Or at least I think so. Hahaha
From the looks of things the HSA turtle bay contest will be canceled once again for the second week in a row. Oh well I guess we get to free surf all weekend instead or clean the house. What to do.
That's it for now....peace.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Working on the surfboards

Working on Devin surfboards. Removing old deck pads and adding the Ransom deck pad and decals. The ruff part is taking off the old adhesive without any solvents. Help!!! Hahaha. The boards are looking sick!!!

Ransom Cru Member

Congrats to Devin boy who is now part of the Ransom team.
If you don't know what Ramson is, they are a sick surf wax manufacture. Its by far my favorite wax to use on my board for awhile now. They also carry other products (deck pad, leashes, day board bags for 5'0 and up) that you can see in Devins picture. We have been doing this surf thing for awhile now and Ransom has board bags and other items that is actually made with the grom in mind.
So check out the Ransom website in my links to find out more about them.
A big MAHALO goes out to the Ransom Cru.
Congratulations Devin Boy!!!!