Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nicole's Birthday Race

At Podium Raceway for Nicole's birthday race. She took second against Devin. It's her birthday but her brother still didn't let her win. Hahaha. To bad big brother Jordan didnt race with them. That would made things even more enteresting. Jordan ended up racing against the big dogs and came in second.
It looked like a lot of fun out there racing. The kids validated that by there smiles on thier faces.  If you ever get a chance... check out Podium Raceway and get your race on.
The race is on!!

The results

Once the racing was complete, the kids work up an appetite. So we went to Nicole favorite place to eat Genki Sushi. Of course I won that race by having the most plates in front of me. hahahaha. Now to top it off we went Grandma's for some ono cake and ice cream. 

What a great day with my beautiful daughter on her special day. Happy Birthday to my Nicole!!!

Peace out Homies!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Volcom QS

We are at Maili point for the VQS. Devin and Nicole are both entered in this contest. If you make the finals you are qualified for the main contest on the mainland. Unfortunately Nicole didn't advance from her heat. But she tried really hard. Keep it up sister. As for Devin, he was in the finals. Now we are waiting for the award ceremony to see where he placed. Either way great job devin!!!

The results are in and Devin place 3rd...Great job Devin boy!!! Now we await the invitation for the Volcom contest at Newport.

Want to say thanks the the guys at Volcom for putting on a great event once again.
Brada Kaz for getting up early and picking up my kids to make sure they got there on time...Much Mahalos!!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Devin at tracks

Devin and a bunch of groms enjoying a morning surf session at tracks. Here I am videoing the session for devin once again. Why is it that when I promise to video devin the waves are always good? oh well at least devin is getting some and I'm working on my tan. Hahaha
Peace and enjoy your Saturday!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Crowded West Swell

Look what the west swell brought us. Some nice waves and a crowd that followed. What's up with that? Oh well at least my kids got their share of waves out there today. Looks like a repeat session tomorrow right after a run and work out. Enjoy your holiday if your off. If not enjoy your day anyway and I will catch a few for you.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hanging with Brada Mark

Great day of surfing with my kids and good friend Mark. We met up at Glass doors and it was head high and glassy. Can't ask for it to be any better than that.
The kids and Mark were ripping as always. As for me I managed to catch a couple of waves. Some good and some on the head. Thats just the way it is for me. hahah. But i will say, my new Dennis Pang board is the bomb!!! Other than me taking cracks on the head, everybody had a great time out there today.
After that epic surf session, we hit up Dong Yangs for lunch. Of course we had to get the meat chun plate because it is so Ono (good).
With a surf session and a great lunch under our belt what can I say other than, it was another great day Hawaii.
K Brue

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Looking for Surf

Good thing we have a real beach truck and not one those low rider types. We got access to all surf spots. Now only if we can find some waves.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"New Surfboard"

Aloha check out my new Dennis Pang surfboard 7'0 x 20" (Hot Rod). This thing is sick!!! I guess my old gray beast is done. Hahaha.
I want to say a big mahalo to Dennis and da brada at UNKNOWN.
Go check out www.dennispangsurfboards.com to get your new stick.

Killer video of the kids on Novus Swell

Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Surf Session 2011

To start off the year the kids wanted to surf tracks. Very inconsistent but there was some two footers rolling in. All in all the kids had a blast!!! Also I had the opportunity to catch up with Uncle Drake. It's been awhile since I seen Drake and his crew.

Wishing all of you a great 2011.

Till next time aloha.