Thursday, April 14, 2011


Wow... it been awhile since I posted anything about anything. I guess we have been busy lately or it seems that way.
Heres the latest....surfing, soccer, and everything in between.
Surfing: getting ready for HSA states and NSSA Nationals. We have been Ewa a lot lately and of course kewalos on the weekends. Come to find out Devin did not make it to the VQS championships. They ended up taking only the first finisher instead of the top three. Wish we would have known that from the beginning.

Soccer: Nicole is playing again. So that means our weekends just got a lot more busier. It's ok, we really enjoy watching her play soccer and we support our kids in what ever they do.

Everything in between: working on house, cars and the honey do list. Don't need to say more. Hahaha

Well that's it for now. Till next time Aloha!!!