Sunday, November 14, 2010

North Shore Today

Aloha from the North Shore of Oahu,
This is a picture from where I was planted taking pictures of Nicole and Devin surfing Chuns. It was about 2-4 feet with some 5 or 6 footers rolling through and cleaned everybody out. I got to laugh about it because I'm on the beach watching. But it looked like the kids were having a great time.
Paused to video tape some more. hahahha
I'm back...The swell that they said was coming in late Sunday afternoon started to come in. The kids decided to come in as the swell was getting a little more consistence at 5-6 feet. There was definitely a lot of water moving out there. So I think the Nicole and Devin made the right choice to come in.
But we weren't done yet, because there was still daylight still to burn. We decided to head home to our old fateful surf spot hau bush.
So we made the trip to hau bush after a quick bite at everybody's favorite healthy fast food place "McDonald's".  Once at Hau Bush, the kids were like "really Dad". It small a bit smaller than the North Shore.  Nah a lot smaller, but hey at least it was ridable 2 foot waves. So after watching the waves for a few more minutes they decided to go out. But guess what they enjoyed it even if it was small. so it goes to show your worst day of surfing is always better then your best day at work. words to live by.
Hopefully I got some good video of the kids today. I already working on each of their videos that will be posted on their blogs ( and so check out their blogs form time to time or just follow them to get the updates.

That was our day in a nutshell. So with that said, till next time keep the stoke going and alooha...

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