Saturday, June 13, 2009

The long awaited update


Wow... it has been crazy lately. The last two month was filled with contest after contest. Then to top it off, we finished the HSA season with the HSA state championships. Also in between all the other contests we threw in the kick off of the NSSA season at Straight Outs. All I can say is that we have been very busy surfing. But it was a lot of fun.

With that said, here are the results from some of the contests that we participated in.

Surf into Summer:
EJ, Jordan, and Devin were the ones that enter the surf into summer contest. All three surfed really well in thier respective division and heats. But the only person to advance to the finals that day was Devin Boy. In the finals was a who's who of the groms, Kalani David, Seth Moniz, Kaulana Apo, and Devin just to name a few. With that company in the water Devin surfed to a Sixth place finish in the menehune division.

Grom Fest:
Unfortunately EJ was too old to enter and Jordan was rank to high in the HSA longboard and shortboard division to be eligible to enter. So Devin and Nicole were the only ones that was able to enter with one catch, they could only surf the long board division. The reason being they were also ranked to high in the HSA short board division. But that didn't stop them from representing the Blue Hawaii Surf cru in the water. They raised up and accepted the challenge. So much so Devin advance all the way to the finals. On the final wave of the finals Devin Boy pulled off the dead cockroach move that KAZ dare him to do. We got a good laugh from that. Even with the dead cockroach it was a close scored finals and Devin pulled out a third place finish in the nine and under longboard division.

NSSA Event number 1:
This is the beginning of a new journey. In other words this is our first season competing in the NSSA. I tell you what this is definitely another level of competition. But the kids (EJ, Jordan, and Devin) were up to it and was ready to compete. All of the boys once again surfed really well but Devin was the one that advance to the NSSA finals. He place 4th in the open mini groms.

King of the Groms:
EJ, Jordan, and Devin entered the King of the groms. But there would no kings or money winners from the Blue Cru that day.

HSA State Championships:

The States Championships was a three day event at Ala Moana Bowls. All team members (EJ, Jordan, Nicole, and Devin) qualified for states. But Nicole decided to sit this one out. So that left the boys out there to represent Blue Hawaii surf. And represent they did. Again they all surfed great but EJ had the best showing for the blue cru that day. Jordan and Devin didnt make it through their first round heats in the shortboard division. but they surfed really hard. EJ on the other hand made it to the semi's in each of his shortboard divisions (JR mens and open mens) before his day ended. EJ had an outstanding showing at the HSA state championship. As for Jordan on his longboard, he surfed to a 5th place finish in the finals. What a great finish for Jordan. Awesome Job!!

Jordan getting his hardware..

During the states championships we had some friends (J-sea and Jericho) from Kauai hanging under the blue cru tent. J-Sea surfed in the 17 and under girls and Jericho surfed in the girls longboard and open longboard. J-Sea had great a showing at states and proved she is a force to be reckoned with. Jericho also had a great showing at states. so good she advance all the way to the finals and placing 3rd. We will definitely see more of those two in the future.

To wrap states up, I also want to say, you kids rock!!! oh yeah and surfed really well also and we cant wait for next year states championships.

Da Blue Cru

Paliracio Ohana

the cru chillin with Kaz

Again Congrats to Jericho and Jordan...Awesome!!!!

Want to say thank you to Blue Hawaii Surf for their support. Mahalo
BBQ, new and old friends, family, and most of all good times.

Here is the 2009 HSA final point standing for the Blue Cru.


Short Board Jr. Mens 4th
Short Board Open Mens 7th


Long Board Boys 3rd
Short Board Boys 8th
Short Board Open Mens 16th


17 and under Girls 7th
1A Menehune 7th


1A Menehune 3rd
2A Menehune 6th

Like I said we are into the new season of NSSA and our next event is at PK's on Kauai. Where we hope to run into J-sea and Jericho and hopefully show us the ropes on their home turf.
Well you have been updated with the current events. I will be better in the future with the updates. I almost promise.

Till then peace.

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