Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ramdom Free Surf Action

Well its been a few days or weeks since the last posting. So here I am to provide you with some updates. Well there has not been that much going on as of late other than free surfing on a regular basis. The surf team has been hitting spots on the Westside mostly. But on occasions we head to the north shore to get in a session or two. Other than that the kids has been getting ready for their next surf meet by surfing, cross training (skate boarding), and just having fun. The next surf contest might be the Volcom contest or the Feb. HASA event, we will see which one will be held first.

Below are some random pictures from the past couple of weeks...

EJ doing his thing...

Jordan and Devin sharing a wave longboarding.

Jordan grabbing rail and pulling in.

Devin getting ready to hit it.

Jordan cutting back.

Nicole riding her longboard.

Jordan lining up to run over his brother Devin.

Nicole carving it up.

Candid picture of the Blue Crew...Fun.

Devin on the half pipe.

Brothers...Jordan and Devin

Brothers: Kai and Kala

The Cru with Rod

Devin launching off the half pipe.

Rod after his surf session..during his session he did an snap under the hook and unfortunately he tweaked his back.
We hope you have a speedy recovery.

Well folks till next time...Peace

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